Québec (2)

Here is the second series of the virtual commented tour around Québec City:

(21) Montmorency Park

(22) Montmorency Again

(23) Statue of Louis Hébert

(24) Old Cannon in the Park

(25) Monument to Marie Rollet

(26) Inscription on the Monument

(27) Monument to Laval

(28) Bishop Laval

(29) Statue to Samuel Champlain

(30 Champlain Detail

(31) Lévis City across the River

(32) Down the St. Lawrence

(33) Roofs in the Basse-Ville

(34) The Basse-Ville (Lower Town)

(35) The Plains of Abraham Park

(36) Tram to the Museum

(37) The Québec Museum

(38) The Québec Museum

(39) The Québec Museum

(40) The Museum's Cafe

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