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Source: WTL photos© taken on site in the town of Tepoztlán and at the pyramid site of Tepozteco.
Comments: Current population: 35,000. Elevation of town: 5,600 ft. Elevation of Tepozteco: 7,600 ft. Location: 50 miles south of Mexico City and 25 miles east of Cuernavaca. Pyramid site: 2 miles from center of town. Tepoztlán is the legendary birthplace of none other than Quetzalcóatl. And the Santuario del Cerro Tepozteco is the site of a pyramid where indigenous peoples allied with the Aztecs worshiped the god Tepoztecatl, the god of pulque and sometimes called "the god of all" (el dios de todo). Pulque was drunk by pre-conquest indigenous peoples and it was used by their priests to create a religious trance and to lessen the pain of captives before they were sacrificed alive. Pulque is never bottled. Pulque is a fermented low-alcohol beverage made from a variety of the agave plant: the century plant or maguey (Agave americana). Mezcal is distilled once and is made from the heart of the maguey plant. Tequila is made from another variety of agave: Agave tequilana, or blue agave. For photos in Yucatán of Agave sisalana (sisal), which is used to make hemp ropes, , see: => Yucatán #3.) For a tour of these Tepoztlán pages, click on #1 above.