Plaza de Toros and the Estadio Azul





Source: WTL photos 2008.
Comments: The first two photos are of the Estadio Azul and the last two are of the bullring in Mexico City. Both sports exist physically side by side in much of Hispanic culture. Soccer is newer and enjoys a much larger fan base, whereas bullfighting is a traditional sport that began in the pre-classical Greek and Mediterranean world. Both sports involve pageant, rules, art, and physical skill. Soccer is modern, whereas bullfighting is traditional and ancient. In soccer no one is badly hurt. In bullfighting the object is to kill a magnificent fighting bull as cleanly as possible. In soccer, usually, no one gets cut. In bullfighting the bull is stabbed several times and bleeds profusely.
Question: What is your view of each of these sports? Can you see a cultural connection between these sports and Hispanic society, history, and humanities?