México City (12)

Source: WTL photo© on site in Mexico City, 2008.
Image: Entrance to the Museo Mural Diego Rivera, where we find Diego Rivera's monumental mural: Sueño de una tarde dominical en la Alameda / Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in the Alameda Park (1947-1948). For an overall textbook discussion of this mural placed in the textbook's context of Diego Rivera, see: => Diego Rivera #34.
Comments: Rivera produced his massive mural in the old Hotel del Prado, which was demolished after a massive earthquake hit Mexico City in 1985. (Personal note: the professor-photographer often stayed in this hotel through 1984.) Amazingly, the mural was saved and moved to this museum (Museo Mural Diego Rivera) at the corner of Balderas and Colón streets near the Alameda Park in downtown Mexico City. Except for a bust of Rivera (see: => Mexico City #12a) and a few other items, the mural is the only art piece in the museum.
Study the mural with this series of photos: => Sueño Mural A; => Sueño Mural B; => Sueño Mural C; => Sueño Mural D; => Sueño Mural E; => Sueño Mural F; => Sueño Mural G; => Sueño Mural H.