Cholula (3)


Source: Photograph by WTL© (2009) on site in Cholula, Puebla, México.
Image: A view of the pyramid and basilica from the west.
Comments: By 700 CE Cholula was an urban center that rivaled Teotihuacan. Unlike the latter city-state, however, Cholula was not abandoned, but rather was taken over by successive peoples such as the Olmecs first and the Toltecs later. In 1359 Cholula was assimilated into the kingdom of Huexotzingo. In the fifteenth century of the Common Era, Cholula was an ally of the Aztec empire, and its sacred center, the pyramid of Quetzalcóatl, commanded so much awe and respect that the Aztec princes were consecrated by Cholulan priests.
Humanities question
: If you the place in which you were raised had some significant buildings and religious institutions--in ruins or not--like the ones you see in this photo in Cholula, how do think the presence of such places would affect who your social and personal nature?