Mexican Modern Art 1910 - 1950 (31)


Source: WTL photograph© at the Special Exhibition of "Paint the Revolution: Mexican Modernism 1910 - 1950," at the Philadelphia Art Museum, December 13, 2016.
Image: "Altar de Dolores (Altar [for the Virgin] of Sorrows)" (1943) by María Izquierdo (1902-55). Oil on board.
Comments: For two other paintings by María Izquierdo in this series, return to: <= #21 and <= #23 in which you will find fuller comments about her career and works. In this painting you see her lifelong sense of popular Mexican Catholic devotion. Note, too, that since this painting does not have an explanation or legend on it, it is not, strictly speaking an ex voto.
Humanities Questions: (A) Describe this work noting what elements seem to indicate that it reflects Mexican culture. (B) What elements in this painting indicate that is was created in the so-called Modern period. (C) State your own personal view or reaction to this painting, noting, if you wish, how different it is from many of the works in the series on "Paint the Revolution 1910-50)."