Teotihuacan (7)

Source: WTL© digitized analogue photograph taken on site.
Notes: Here again you see the pirámide del Sol (Sun) from the top of the Pyramid of the Moon. It appears that both pyramids are the same height. This optical illusion is due to the fact that the Moon Pyramid is half as tall (46 m) as the Sun Pyramid, but the one you see here was built on lower ground. The Moon Pyramid is generally considered Teotihuacan's most impressive architectural gem due to its symmetry, use of space, and its strategic place in the urban layout. This four-tiered pyramid is actually older than the Sun Pyramid. Since the moon is often seen as a symbol (or goddess) of a female principle, it is thought (though not known definitively) that the Pirámide de la Luna may indicate that early Teotihuacan society was matriarchal. The implication, then, is that the Sun Pyramid represents a male principle or god.