Tlatelolco (9)

Source:WTL photo in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas, Mexico, D.F.
Image and Comments: In the foreground you see what remains of the tlatelolca pyramids in the Plaza de Tlatelolco. Some say that the idea behind the name of this square, Plaza de las Tres Culturas (Square of the Three Cultures), is that around the plaza one sees Aztec ruins, Spanish colonial buildings, and modern Mexican buildings. Another way to understand the triad is Aztec, Spanish conquest, and mestizo Mexico; i.e., indigenous Mexica, Spanish Europeans, and the blended ethnicity of modern Mexico. The Templo de Santiago (1609) stands next to what was once was the Imperial Colegio de la Santa Cruz de Tlatelolco (Imperial College of the Holy Cross convent), which was built in 1535-1536.
For a closer view of the church (Iglesia de Santiago Tlatelolco), see: => Tlatelolco #9a.
Question: Describe the church's style.