Cholula (16a)


Source: Photograph by WTL© (2009) on site in Cholula, Puebla, México.
Image: Bronze statue of Benito Juárez.
Comment: Benito Juárez (1806-1872) was the first 100% indigenous Mexican (he was a Zapotec from Oaxaca) to be President of Mexico, or indeed of any country in the Americas. In fact, he served several terms, first as interim president and then as full president, from 1861 until his death in 1872. He is renowned for having led Mexican resistance to the French invasion of Maximilian and Carlota (1862-1867), confiscating church property, restoring the Republic, and modernizing Mexico through key progressive laws. His period of accomplishments is called La Reforma; hence, in Mexico City, the grand Paseo de la Reforma: separation of church and state; civil marriage; nationalization of church property; and recognition of indigenous rights. He suffered a heart attack and died while working at his desk in the National Palace in the capital.
Humanities Topic: Describe the content and style of the humanities artifact in this photo.