Mayan Art (12)

Source: Linda Schele and Mary Ellen Miller. The Blood of Kings; Dynasty and Ritual in Maya Art. Fort Worth: Kimbell Art Museum, 1986, p. 158, plate 38.
Notes: Here we see copies of four painted walls in Room 1 in the Mayan archeological site at Bonampak in Chiapas, México (ca. 800). These scenes depict the court rituals of designating a successor to the throne. On the east wall we see a child presented to the court. On the south wall, Bonampak lords dress for a celebration held 336 days after the first scene. On the lower left (west wall), there is a procession honoring the lord. On the lower right (north wall), the lords are entertained by musicians playing percussion and trumpets.
Comment: Remember these walls when we get to Mexican and Chicano mural art in the twentieth century.
Latin American humanities motifs: religio; art; architecture