Guatemala City (20)

Source: WTL© digital photograph (2008) taken on site in front of the Casa M.I.M.A house museum on 8 Avenida in Guatemala City.
Comments: This cultural center museum is the result of a restoration of a late 19th century upper middle class home that is situated fourteen blocks from the Parque Central in the heart of the city. The original owner of the home was a wealthy and influential pharmacist.
For a brief photographic tour of this home's interior, see: => Guate City #20a. For a close-up of the main entrance, see: => Guate City #20 Entrance. For a close-up of the garage entrance on the left, see: => Guate City #20 Garage.
Humanities purpose of the tour of the Casa M.I.M.A.: to appreciate the content and style of upper middle class 19th century Latin American home furnishings while reconstructing prosperous bourgeois life during the first century of Guatemalan independence.
Latin American humanities comparison: Compare Frida Kahlo's Casa Azul with this house (see: => Casa Azul).