Murals by Alberto Gálvez Suárez






Source: WTL© digital photograph (2008) taken on site in Guatemala City.
Comments: In 1944, after the dictator Ubico was overthrown, the Guatemalan muralist Alberto Gálvez Suárez was commissioned to create a series of murals on Guatemalan history and culture over a staircase in the Palacio Nacional. We shall view (i.e., read) them from left to right. The murals are titled (a) "The message of Popol"; (b) "The Religion of the Mayas"; (c) "The Technical and Spiritual Language of the Mayas"; (d) "The Clash Between the Spaniards and the Indians"; and (e) "The Fusion of Cultures". A supplementary mural represents the figure of Don Quixote.
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