María Kodama

Source: Digitized WTL analog photo.
Images: María Kodama with Borges at a reception for him after his appearance at the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1984. On the left side of the photo on the left is a Mexican student—who is a famous Mexican rodeo charro performer—at California Polytechnic State University, who accompanied the professor-photographer to UCSB to attend Borges' lecture and recital.
Comments: From 1956 to 1970, he was a professor of literature at the University of Buenos Aires. When his fame as a writer and intellectual grew internationally in the early 1960s as his works were being translated into dozens of languages, he was honored with many international prizes, and he toured throughout Latin America, Europe, and North Amerca. He spent a year in an endowed chair position at the University of Texas, and he went on many lecture tours of American universities until 1985. The photos you see here were taken at UCSB two years before he died.
María Kodama (1945 - ) is an Argentine writer, professor, and translator, principally of Borges' works. A few months before his death they were married, and he left his entire estate to her. She remains the sole administrator of his estate. Her father was a Japanese architect, but she was born in Buenos Aires. She and Borges met at an international meeting about Icelandic literature, which was one of Borges' specialties. Kodama runs the Fundación Internacional Jorge Luis Borges in Buenos Aires.