Source: Discontinued website.
Image: This drawing of Aleijadinho (1730 or 1738 - 1814) was created by a twentieth-century Brazilian artist named Belmonte.
Comments: Aleijadinho's names was Antônio Grancisco Lisboa, but he is known as Aleijadinho (little cripple). He was born in Ouro Preto, in the state of Minas Gerais (General Mines), Brazil. His father (Manuel Francisco de Costa Lisboa), and his mother his father's black slave (Isabel). Aleijadinho created what is generally acknowledge as the finest of Brazilian baroque art in the city of Congonhas. In this sequence of images you will see some of his work from both Ouro Preto and Congonhas. Aleijadinho suffered from the crippling disease of leprosy, which became so advanced that he lost the use of his hands and legs. Despite his disease, he was able to create these magnificent humanities objects.