Teotihuacan (5)

Source: WTL© digitized analogue photograph taken on site.
Notes: From the top of the Pyramid of the Moon (la pirámide de la Luna), we look down on the Calzada de los Muertos (originally, Miccaotli, in Náhuatl), Spanish for Avenue of the Dead, which runs the length of the present site. Once this avenue ran all the way to the end of the valley, which you see in the background right. The Aztecs/Mexica mistakenly thought that the buildings lining the avenue were tombs for deceased kings. In reality, the temples and palaces lining the avenue corresponded with political, administrative, civic, and religious areas. The people lived in the periphery of this sacred-political area. The large pyramid at the center-left of this photo is the Pyramid of the Sun (la pirámide del Sol). The Pyramid of the Moon is smaller than the Sun Pyramid, but it sits on higher ground.